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Tetley GB Ltd. and Wade have been working together for years to bring collectors the wonderful Tea Folk collection.  This partnership still continues today.

Originally created in 1973, the first character to make an appearance in the collection was the Gaffer.  The Gaffer is the star of the bunch and is a perfectionist.  After all, he makes the world’s best cup of tea!

Sydney is a kind fellow and is not the cleverest one.  He gets himself into trouble often but is loved by all the Tea Folk characters.

Gordon maintains the Tetley Tea Garden.  He is quiet and dependable.  He even cultivated the Tetley Tea Rose.

Maurice is the inventor and keeps Tetley Tea on the cutting edge of technology.  He is a quiet, unpredictable and eccentric.
Archie, the Gaffer’s nephew, is the youngest of the Tea Folk and still attends school.  His is very inquisitive and mischievous.  Some day, he will take over for the Gaffer and continue to make the worlds’ best tea.

Tetley removed the Tea Folk from advertising in 2001 in order to appeal to a younger audience.  For many this meant that the Tea Folk collection died but Wade has continued to keep the characters alive with their Tetley License.

One of the largest ranges produced in the Tetley Tea line is the Wade money boxes.  See how Wade has used these characters to continue to bring the Tea Folk characters to the world.

In 1990, the first Wade money boxes appeared when Tetley GB Ltd. commissioned Wade to produce two van moneyboxes that covered their two most popular brands – Lyons Coffee and Tetley

  1. Lyons’s Coffee Delivery Van, 1990, LE 5,000, license plate “COF E1”
  2. Tetley Tea Delivery Van, 1990, LE 5,000, license plate “TEA 1”

The 1990’s saw the first appearances of the Tetley Tea Folk characters which have been the theme of many of the Wade money boxes.

  1. Brew Gaffer Money Box, 1992, LE 10,000 with certificate
  2. Brew Gaffer with Tea, 1999
  3. Sydney Holding Tea Bag, 1999
  4. Time for Tea, 2007

In 2003, Tetley celebrated 50 years of the tea bag with a special edition of the Sydney Holding Tea Bag money box with gold details.  The teabag has a gold decal that reads “Celebrating 50 years of the Tea Bag.”

  1. Sydney Holding Tea Bag 50 Years, 2003, LE 500

In 1999, another van money box to be issued.  This van featured the Gaffer and his nephew Archie.  This is the first money box that showed the Tea Folk in various modes of transportation.

  1. Brew Gaffer and Nephew Archie Delivery Van, 1999, license plate “TEA 1”
  2. Chocks Away Aeroplane (Gaffer), 2002.
  3. The Flying Teabag (Maurice), 2004
  4. Archie and Gordon Motorbike, 2005 (Backstamp 2004)

For a number of years, the Wade shows, held either in the UK, have had a rare colorway of a Tetley Tea money box as the show special.

  1. Gold Detail Brew Gaffer and Nephew Archie Delivery Van, 2002, license plate “TEA 02”, LE 50 with certificate (See #8 Regular issue).
  2.  Gold Detail Chocks Away Aeroplane (Gaffer), 2004, LE 50 with certificate.  Backstamp says 2002 (See #9 Regular issue)
  3. The Flying Teabag (Maurice), 2004, LE 100 with certificate. (See #10 Regular issue)
  4. Archie and Gordon Motorbike, 2005, LE 50 with certificate.  Backstamp says 2004 (See #11 Regular issue).
  5. Morris Minor Car (Gaffer), 2006, LE 50 with gold and platinum details with certificate.  (See #19 Regular issue).
  6. Time for Tea (Gaffer), 2007, LE 75 with certificate (See #6 Regular issue)
  7. Gaffer Elephant Train, April 2009, LE 75 with certificate
  8.  Sidney Elephant Train, July 2009, LE 75 with certificate

In 2006, Wade purchased the Northlight Company which produced porcelain resin pieces.   Tetley was able to have produced a money box which combined the skills of both Wade Ceramics and the new Northlight @ Wade.  This piece featured a porcelain car driven by a resin Gaffer

  1. Morris Minor Car (Gaffer), 2006, License plate “TETLEY 1” with certificate

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