Ready! Set! Collect! by Carole Murdock

Admit it.  Once a collector, always a collector.  But in these hard economic times, we are all cutting back on nonessential purchases.  However, some of us would rather add to our collections than go out to dinner or a movie or buy a new pair of shoes. 

This is the time for discriminating collecting.  Start by adding current pieces that are often less expensive than the older figures.  If it is the older Wade that you covet, many dedicated collectors are parting with entire collections or individual pieces at great discounted prices.  After all, wouldn’t we rather sell at a good price to someone who will treasure our collections than leave them to family member who may just want to get rid of “all that stuff”?

As collectors, we often like to have sets of all the colors of a piece or one each of the various molds of the current Whimsies being made like the animals, birds, Betty Boops,  and special commissions.  These pieces usually range in price from $10 to $30 each.  I consider this the “treat yourself” range. 

Wade has made many boxed Whimsie sets lately but these sell from  $35 to $60, more like the “if you want to buy me a gift” range.  These sets include the dinosaurs, birds, Rupert Bear, Tetley Tea Band, Felix, SpongeBob, Betty Boop Princesses, AnimaLand, and Gingerbread Family.

The Whimsies pictured in this article are the ones not sold in ready-made sets but ones that need searched for at various Wade Fairs and internet specials.  These would be the “create your own” sets.  Often this is the most fun of all because don’t we collectors always treasure the hunt and the find?

These are Whimsies that have been sold individually recently, each color for a different event.

2008–Mice: pearly for Wade Magazine contributors, black, tan, yellow and pink as a set, blue, grey, orange, green, burgundy, white

2009–Peacocks:  tan, pink, black, grey, burgundy, orange, white, green, yellow, blue

2010–Parrots:  tan, multi-color, grey (sold as set of three at WadeFest), burgundy, blue, green, orange

2010—Red Rose Tea Circus colorways:  green clowns with burgundy, blue, silver, gold  hats and coats and clowns with burgundy bucket and blue bucket; red & white poodle; elephants with purple polka dot blanket and head gear, red blanket and head gear, and silver blanket and head gear. Not shown the strongman in a different colourway.

Single Colourway Betty Boop:  white, dark green, burgundy, beige, cobalt, light blue, pink, and green.

Leprechauns on ducks and hedgehogs as pictured.  There are a total of 8 leprechaun on duck and a total of 8 leprechaun on hedgehog.  Not pictured are 8 Girl Leprechaun  Hugging a Squirrel, 5 Cow Jumped Over the Moon Whimsie, and 7 Arched Back Cat Whimsie.

The newest boxed sets which are already collected for you as sets are Felix, Rupert Bear, Kelloggs, Tetley Band, Gingerbread, bird, SpongeBob and dinosaur.

The most exciting set that can now be collected one at a time consists of robins being made by individual dealers for the Windsor, CT, Wade Fair (Nov, 6-7), now in its fifth year.  Supposedly there will be about 15 variations (plus some with silver and gold).  What a treasure hunt this will be!!  Good luck and have fun.

  1. Orange (Halloween issue)
  2. Green (Halloween issue)
  3. USA red, white, blue with star
  4. Black and Gold (Prizes LE 25)
  5. White and Gold (Prizes LE 10)
  6. Red winged blackbird
  7. Red
  8. White
  9. Blue
  10. Brown with red breast
  11. Pink with a yellow breast
  12. Cobalt solid color
  13. Yellow with pink cancer ribbon
  14. Lilac
  15. Lime Green

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